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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

U4.01/03S - Chernobyl supporting facilities (ICSRM) (AP ref

  • Closed
Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe
€ 697,810.00
EU Contribution
Contracted in 2005
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity

Mitigation of Chernobyl accident



Contracting authority

State Enterprise Ecocentre

Method of Procurement

(FR2007) (Ext. act) Supply - Local open procedure with prior publication - Art. 243.1 IR


29/12/2005 - 29/06/2009



Project / Budget year

TACIS 2003 - Nuclear Safety Action Programme / 2003


The objective of the project is the modernisation of to the Automated System for Monitoring the Radiological Situation (ASMRS) in the exclusion zone in order to fulfil modern requirements. The Modernisation of the ASMRS is the upgrade of the existing “old” system by additional new monitoring stations and the substitution of the equipment of the old monitoring stations as well as installing meteorological sensors and establishing a new control centre (Operative Dispatching Centre ODC). The modernised ASMRS will be a modern monitoring and Early Warning system capable

  • to monitor the radiation level in a defined area around the CHNPP,
  • to report significant changes in the monitored radiation level,
  • to alert the operator of the ASMRS and competent Authorities in case of significant changes,
  • to forecast the evolution of the radiological situation in case of radiation accident in order to support counter measures to protect the working staff in the exclusion zone, the population and where possible the environment.


In general terms the equipment of the ASMRS is intended for:

  • Automated monitoring of the radiological situation in the Exclusion zone;
  • Monitoring of principal parameters in emergency situations;
  • Forecasting of radiological situation at weather and technogenic anomalies;
  • Improvement of quality and reliability of the received information on the radiation condition of the exclusion zone;
  • Use of the received information for support of administrative decisions in case of emergency situations;
  • Informing the state bodies of Ukraine, the governments of the adjacent states, the population about the radiological situation at the territory of the Exclusion zone, including cases of possible tran-boundary transfer of radioactive pollution.

Within the framework of this Contract the specialized software SKYLINK – DATAEXPERT, and ASKRO 1.0 was installed in the system with the objective of the management, storage, interpretation, display, etc of the data generated by the AMS, as well as for carrying out predictive estimations and comprehensive analysis of such data in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone

The unfolded network of ASMRS covers the area of ChEZ about 3000 km2. Farthermost post to be on AMS Vilcha (distance from Automatic Monitoring Station (AMS) to ODC an about 70 km) and AMS in Slavutich (distance from AMS to ODC an about 60 km). The system consists of 40 stations, 39 from them are equipped with Equivalent Dose Rate (EDR) gauges, 18 are equipped with by aspiration plants, 1 – with a weather station.


The installation, integration and test of the stations, software and control centre was executed and finalized without significant difficulties in full agreement with the Work Plan. The explotaition phase of the system started 6 months after the installation and integration of the stations and the control centre, which allowed for thorough testing and tuning of the whole system.

In accordance with the terms of the contract the package of operating document was delivered, including documents on purchased equipment, software, integrated system, drafts, charts, methods, etc. After the successful results of the commissioning tests, appropriate Acts, protocols, Commissioning certificates, etc were signed by the relevant actors.

The new system has allowed the deployment of an operating gamma monitoring network, capable of integrating additional equipment (i.e. aspiration modules to perform air sampling) in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

The system has been transferred to the Contracting Authority for sampling, data storage, data analysis, predictive analysis of radioactive contamination spreading, etc. The Contractor will continue to support the Contracting Authority in the operation and maintenance of the system during the 2 years guarantee term.