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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

U2.02/05 - Contribution to the IAEA project UKR/0/009 - Improvement of the Training system for NPP Maintenance Personnel

Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe
€ 190,000.00
EU Contribution
Contracted in 2008
Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation


Type of activity

Design Safety


Action Grants

Contracting authority

European Commission

Method of Procurement

(FR2007) Actions that require technical competence / high degree of specialisation - Art 168 1f IR


05/09/2008 - 05/09/2010





Project / Budget year

TACIS 2005 Nuclear Safety Action Programme / 2005


The IAEA project UKR/4/012 “Improvement of the training system for Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Personnel” has foreseen development of pilot multimedia training modules and preparation for introduction of multifunctional multimedia computer systems (MMCS) at NPP training centres in Ukraine. The project has focused primarily on Zaporozhye NPP.

The IAEA UKR/0/009 project “Improvement of the training system for Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Personnel” started in 2007 as an extension of the UKR/4/012 project. Its objective was to support enhancement of maintenance personnel training within the NNEGC ENERGOATOM through establishment of a Regional Maintenance Training Centre at the Zaporozhye NPP using up-to-date training equipment and techniques. The project programme included also support to establishment of MMCS in individual training centres at Ukrainian NPPs. However, financial resources needed for this part of the project exceeded the available IAEA Technical cooperation budget.

The EU was therefore requested to provide funding in order to procure the hardware and software equipment required for the MMCS. The equipment was specified and agreed by the IAEA project management officer and the Beneficiary.


The objective of the U2.02/05 project was for the EC to provide funding for supply of the following equipment:

  • VVER-1000 reactor mockup (1 piece)
  • Computer equipment (35 instructor workstations, 10 workstations for multimedia developers, 47 workstations, 4 information servers)
  • Software (4x SolidWorks 2006, 4x AutoManager TEAM WORKS + accessories, AutoManager Viewer – 4x10 licences, Studio MX 2004)
  • Multimedia equipment (4 digital video cameras with stabilization equipment, 4 digital cameras, 4 multimedia projectors, 4 projection screens and whiteboards, 4 printers).

The equipment was supposed to be supplied to training centres at the following locations:

  • Zaporozhye NPP (all 35 instructor workstations, 2 workstations for media developers, 7 workstations and the reactor mockup)
  • Khmelnitsky NPP, Rivne NPP, South-Ukraine NPP, Atomremontservice (ARS) Slavutich (2 workstations for media developers per location, 10 workstations per location and 1 of the other items per location).


The project had a duration of 24 months with the implementation starting on 5 September 2008.