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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

U1.06/01 Training and qualification of operating personnel from Rivne NPP at the Greifswald full scope simulator

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TACIS Region
Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
€ 49,500.00
EU Contribution
Contracted in 2003
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States




Method of Procurement

Direct Agreement & AV DA


12/02/2003 - 12/08/2003



Project / Budget year

ZZ0103 Nuclear Safety 2001 / 2001


Rovno NPP unit 3 is equipped with some foreign made piston shock absorbers. Due to difficult economic conditions, it was difficult to Rovno NPP to procure relevant spare parts and to implement adequate maintenance.


The present TACIS project U1.01/96C aims at providing spare parts for shock absorbers, oil level sensors and a test bench for primary pumps of unit 3, which were originally supplied by British company Lisega Ltd.


Preparatory phase:

Technical specifications and tender dossier were prepared by OSA utility EDF (Electricité de France) in the frame of general OSA contract U1.01/95. These TS were prepared in close cooperation with Rovno NPP and Energoatom.

These technical specifications include a list of spare parts to be supplied, if necessary, during maintenance of Rovno NPP unit 3. They identified equipment from Lisega Ltd to be procured.
Technical specifications were completed and endorsed by Energoatom and Rovno NPP in June 1997.
As only original supplier of shock absorbers could be selected for the procurement of spare parts and the test bench, a direct agreement procedure was used by EC and his procurement agent.
The supply contract was signed with Lisega Ltd on 16th July 1998.

Implementation of the supply contract:
Tasks to be performed by the contractor were the following:

  • Establishment of a work plan and a quality assurance plan
  • Delivery of maintenance documentation
  • Manufacturing of spare parts and test bench
  • Supply of spare parts and test bench at Rovno NPP
  • Support to licensing
  • Acceptance
  • Warranty period.

Other partners have been involved in the implementation of the project, outside contractor’s scope:

  • Rovno NPP: validation of all steps of the project, delivery, licensing,
  • Energoatom: validation of all steps of the project, licensing,
  • EDF (OSA utility): general follow-up of the project, and general support, in the frame of general OSA contract U1.01/96.

Time schedule of implementation phase:

  • 16th July 1998: supply contract signature
  • Delivery of spare parts and test bench at Rovno NPP was completed 9th March 1999
  • Provisional acceptance certificate was issued on 27th April 1999
  • A lot of spare parts were used during Rovno NPP unit 3 next outage in last quarter 1999
  • Final acceptance was signed on 27th April 2000.

Detailed list of supplied spare parts: see the attachment.


Due to problems with a sub-supplier and customs clearance, Lisega Ltd could not deliver spare parts on time for their use during unit 3 outage late 1998. This led to a delay of one year.

Further information

Further information on the project results could be sought from Energoatom and Rovno NPP.

The Project Final report is available at the JRC-IE archive.