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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

U1.01/95 : Ukraine - General Assistance Rovno NPP Ph 3

All Countries
Benefitting Zone
€ 1,325,762.67
EU Contribution
Contracted in 1996
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity

On Site Assistance



Contracting authority

European Commission

Method of Procurement

Direct Agreement & AV DA


15/08/1996 - 15/01/1998



Project / Budget year

WW9508 Nuclear Safety 1995 / 1995


U1.01/95 - Phase 3

ROVNO NPP (RAES) is composed of 3 reactors in operation (2 WWER 440/213 and 1 WWER 1000/320). EDF decided to join the EC effort on improvement of design and operational safety and conduct the whole project, particularly to permit development of the on-site presence of a significant team, which is considered as necessary condition for the implementation of an in-depth work program.


This programme aimed at improving of the following areas at Rovno NPP:

  • Operating and monitoring conditions;
  • Design nuclear safety level;
  • Nuclear safety organization during operations.


U1.01/95 - Phase 3

This is the Phase 3 of the project that started in April 1994. In 18 months duration the EDF continued operational assistance that involved above mentioned safety improvement areas. Similarly to Phase 1 and 2, several technical methodological exchanges were organised by the EDF OSA team with ROVNO NPP engineers and technicians.

Improvement of operating and monitoring conditions involved activities linked with procurement procedures. The four selected action within Tacis 94 through 96 programmes using all the funds available were defined as its first priority and included the following:

  • Treatment of backlog of radioactive waste water (U1.01/94)
  • Installation of Computer information system (U1.01/ 95A)
  • Physical protection (U1.01/95B)
  • Automatic radiation monitoring system (U1.01/96B)

Improvement of design nuclear safety level involved development of Safety improvement report which presented an exhaustive programme of action that must be performed, with prior justification in order to reach a sufficient safety level, considering:

  • Safety valves for Unit 3 (U1.01/96A)
  • Valve maintenance at Unit 3 (U1.01/96C)
  • Shock absorbers spare parts (U1.01/96D)

In addition, a vulnerability analysis for fire hazards, which must be followed by the implementation of the various actions identified to improve protective devices against the fire risk was implemented. A particular action engaged by the Tacis 92 programme was replacement of floor coating in the controlled area of VVER 440/213 units, which was the first priority of Rovno NPP.

Improvement of Nuclear safety organization during operations involved necessary actions to improve operating methods and practices by an active transfer of operating experience of EDF. The main tasks involved:

  • Operating technical specification (U1.01/95)
  • Quality Assurance organization
  • Alarm sheets


This project was fully completed in December 1997 with the issuance and signature of the Certificate of the Final acceptance.
Further Information
Further information on the project results could be sought from the beneficiary organizations.