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Nuclear Safety Cooperation


Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe
€ 1,854,102.71
EU Contribution
Contracted in 1994
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity

Technical Support Organisations



Contracting authority

European Commission

Method of Procurement

Direct Agreement & AV DA


01/02/1995 - 01/08/1997


Nuclear Regulatory Administration (NRA) of Ukraine



Project / Budget year



Brief Project History

The Regulatory Assistance Management Group[1] (RAMG), upon the request of the European Commission, undertook in August 1992 a study on the situation in Ukraine concerning the nuclear safety regulatory regime. The recommendations of RAMG on the directions of TACIS assistance to the Regulatory Authority of Ukraine[2] have created the basis for this TACIS project.

The project’s ToR were endorsed by the Partner Institution in mid- 1993. The project was implemented from 1994 to 1997 by the Consortium of Western Regulators (CWR)[3], led by Riskaudit. The Project Partner was the UkrSCNRS and, since 1995, the Ministry for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety (MEPNS). The transformation of the UkrSCNRS to the Nuclear Regulatory Administration (NRA) caused certain changes in the management and staff of the regulatory authority, but the general approach to regulatory activities was essentially preserved. Within the Ministry, the TACIS assistance was directed mainly to NRA, but also to the Main State Inspectorate on Nuclear Safety(MSINS) of Ukraine and the Main State Ecological Inspectorate of Ukraine. The experts of the State Scientific and Technical Centre on Nuclear and Radiation Safety (STC), which is a TSO established in 1992 to support the regulatory authority, also participated in the project’s implementation.

The project’s initial duration was 3 years. The contract was extended for 6 months upon request of the Project Partners, to allow the completion of the work in 1997. The six-month extension was justified and useful, since a considerable part of the project outputs have been achieved within this period. Although the assistance was provided in the standard framework of a TACIS project, it became obvious, especially after the first year of the project’s life, that appropriate support could be ensured in the regulatory area through a more flexible approach to the project’s implementation. The EC and CWR accepted this philosophy and the project work programme was reviewed on a semi-annual basis by the Contractor and the Project Partner, to adjust to the needs of the Ukrainian partners. While the first year of the project life was devoted to the training of the Ukrainian personnel through seminars, workshops and visits to EU organisations involved in the regulatory issues in their countries, the Project Partner (NRA) requestedthe CWR to provide, during the second and the third year, assistance in the development of the Ukrainian regulations in compliance with international safety standards and the practices of the EU countries. The areas where the most urgent support was necessary were identified and the appropriate forms of assistance were used to achieve the planned outputs. The project was completed on 30 June 1997

(from Monis database)
[1] RAMG comprises of the representatives of regulatory bodies and Technical Safety Organisations(TSOs)of the EU countries. From 1992 up to date RAMG provides a consultative support to EC concerning the content of the Phare and TACIS Programmes in the Nuclear Safety Regulatory Area.
[2] Ukrainian State Committee on Nuclear and Radiation Safety (UkrSCNRS) in 1992-1994. Since March 1995 the successor of this Committee is the Nuclear Regulatory Administration of the Ministry for Environmental Protection and Nuclear Safety.
[3] CWR consisted of the following organisations: IPSN (France), GRS (Germany), AVN (Belgium), SCN (Spain), EPZ (the Netherlands), NEI (UK), ... (Italy).