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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

Simulator Training VVER 213 at the Greifswald Training centre (CAG)

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Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe
€ 296,351.15
EU Contribution
Contracted in 1995
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity




Contracting authority

European Commission

Method of Procurement

Direct Agreement & AV DA


26/04/1995 - 26/01/1996



Project / Budget year

WW9406 Nuclear Safety 1994 / 1994


One of the important conditions of reliable and safe nuclear power plant operation is qualified personnel, including middle technical/operational management staff. Although this kind of personnel may not be directly involved in the plant operation, their tasks in various ways indirectly contribute to plant operational safety. It is therefore highly desirable that also technical and maintenance personnel of an NPP receive a quality theoretical and practical training on plant operation. This competence can help them both better understand their tasks and improve their cooperation with the main control room crews.
The central training facility preparing the prospective nuclear reactor operators and shift supervisors of all Ukrainian nuclear power plants has been the Sevastopol Navy Institute (SNI). Besides theoretical training of plant equipment and operation, a comprehensive operator training should include also practical simulator training including plant control under normal, abnormal and emergency conditions. As there had been no full scope simulator at the SNI, it was proposed to provide the simulator training to the SNI students at CAG Greifswald as well.

On-duty operational shift personnel of Ukrainian NPPs were successfully trained at the full scope simulator in CAG Greifswald, Germany, which had been authorised by responsible Ukrainian Authorities to train personnel of Ukrainian NPPs. The CAG therefore offered to provide training courses also to the middle management personnel of the Rovno NPP and to the students of the Sevastopol Navy Institute.


The objectives of the projects have been to provide training courses to Rovno NPP staff and Sevastopol Navy Institute students and instructors to:

  1. Enhance performance of intermediate technical supervisory personnel of the Rovno NPP by provision of the full scope simulator training at the CAGH training Centre in Greifswald, Germany, using Siemens training courses. The training program should be a summary of main control room operator training, including the training materials prepared for the operators.
  2. Assist in meeting the objectives of the U2.02B/93 TACIS project “Development plan for the Sevastopol Navy Institute based on the simulator at Greifswald Training Centre”. The course for SNI should not only concentrate on training of students in the plant operation modes (normal, abnormal, emergency condition), but it should allow also for a meaningful instructor training to improve their qualification, thus maximising the benefit to students.


The project was implemented in the period from 26/04/1995 (contract signature) to 26/1/1996 (project completion).

The project work included preparation of the training goals, training materials and trainee assessment system to evaluate training goal achievement for each trainee. Subsequently, training courses were provided to Rovno NPP middle technical management and SNI students and lecturers.
Four successive two-week training courses were provided to a group of 5-6 Rovno NPP staff members each.

One three-week course was provided to a group including 10 students and 2 instructors of Sevastopol Navy Institute.

This U2.05/94 project was extended by a follow-up contract No. 25668 (formerly 98-0376) on training of Rovno NPP shift personnel (MCR staff, shift supervisors), which was implemented from 11 January 1999 to 19 March 1999. For more information, see the dissemination summary related to the contract No. 25668.


The project was implemented in accordance with the Terms of Reference and its objectives were fully met.