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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

RF/RA/03 Transf Westr Europ Regulator Me

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TACIS Region
Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
€ 1,359,751.35
EU Contribution
Contracted in 1997
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity

Technical Support Organisations



Contracting authority

European Commission

Method of Procurement

Direct Agreement & AV DA


09/03/1998 - 09/05/1999


Safety Authorities of Russia (GAN-RF)



Project / Budget year

WW9608 Nuclear Safety 1996 / 1996


General/History of the project

The regulatory assistance programme on the Transfer of Western European Methodology to the Nuclear Safety Authority of Russia was initiated in early 1994; it has been implemented through 2 successive projects (R/RA/01 and R/RA/02 - Transfer of Western European Regulatory Methodology and Practices to the Safety Authorities of Russia, 1994-1997).

These projects provided the Russian Safety Authorities (GAN-RF) with Western European regulatory methodology and practices and assisted in making considerable progress in establishing the legal and procedural basis for an independent, competent and efficient regulatory body and for the implementation of license-based regulatory practices in Russia.

At the same time – and influenced by the TACIS projects – the federal laws of Russian Federation on the utilisation of nuclear power and protection of the public from radiation and the law on the management of radioactive waste were issued.

These documents are in need of detailed lower level legal and regulatory documents, respective procedures and practical implementation. The Government of the Russian Federation, jointly with GAN-RF and the Ministries concerned, prepared a legal and regulatory documentation development plan to implement the respective laws.

The present project covers the second phase of the follow-up of the contract and aims at consolidating of the achievements and deepening the co-operation for further practical and procedural improvements of nuclear safety in RF with respect to assistance in developing documents required by new laws.

Whereas the first Phase project in 1994-97 involved the Regulatory Authorities of Germany, the UK, Italy, Spain and France, the second Phase was foreseen to involve licensing authorities of the Netherlands, Finland and Sweden to expand the experience and contact surface.
The first Phase consisted of ten Tasks coordinated by the 11th one (Project Management).
The second Phase, the present project, was divided into seven Tasks with Task 2 subdivided into types of the nuclear facilities. Task 0 (Senior Advisory Group) was added and has proved to be an important guiding forum and top level discussion arena.
Unfortunately a long interruption occurred between Phase I to II and within Phase II, the present project, annual contracts resulted in the changes of available personnel on both sides leading to ceaseless efforts to establish an efficient team work.
The scope of the assistance in the present project was intended especially to include the following topics:

  1. Development of legislative and normative documents for nuclear safety and radiation protection.
  2. Licensing procedures and practices for nuclear installations (NPP, fuel facilities, waste processing and disposal).
  3. Emergency centre and crisis management.
  4. Certification of equipment for nuclear facilities.
  5. Regulatory training.


The following results were obtained:

  • The Regulatory Pyramid (Legal and Regulatory Documents for nuclear and radiation safety) was developed. This was also made available on CD-ROM in Russian and English;
  • GAN, assisted by the consortium of the western regulators, developed the drafts of documents;
  • Procedure of preparation, review and decision-making on modifications relating to the design, construction, technical and operational documentation which is relevant for nuclear and radiation safety assurance within the framework of the modernisation of NPPs;
  • Requirements for the Safety Analysis Report (SAR) for Spent fuel reprocessing plant;
  • Provision of transit of Radioactive Material through the territory of Russia;
  • Russian safety rules for Radioactive Material transportation;
  • On the certification procedure of the packing design and transportation;
  • Terms and definitions of equipment and products certification system;
  • Procedure of certification of imported equipment, products and technologies;
  • Procedure of quality system certification;
  • Qualification requirements of inspectors responsible for reactor safety supervision;
  • Methodic recommendations for working groups of the Emergency Response Center of RF GAN;
  • A list of regulations necessary for functioning of the Emergency Response Center of RF GAN.

The technical part of the Final Report provides task-wise further clarification as to the results of each working group and Task.

Regrettably the equipment to be provided, worth app. 850 000 €, was delivered neither during Phase 1 nor during Phase 2.