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Nuclear Safety Cooperation


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Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe / North Asia
€ 449,164.00
EU Contribution
Contracted in 1993
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity

Design Safety



Contracting authority

European Commission

Method of Procurement

(FR2007) Restricted Call for Tender - External Actions


29/07/1993 - 29/01/1995





Project / Budget year

WW9103 Energy / 1991


The objective of the projects was to write the specifications of an automatic control system for Novovoronezh NPP and to draw up Terms of Reference for developing manufacturing capabilities in Russia, installing and using the system.
A possible follow-up of this project -not included in the present budget- is the manufacturing and the implementation of the system in Russia, to begin with at one site, then to other sites (R2.12/93N).


With this project the basis was laid for modernization of the development of automatic radiation monitoring systems in Russia with as much as possible Russian suppliers. The specific results of the different tasks were as follows:

Task 1:
The specification for realization and the structure of an automated radiation situation monitoring system has been established. The defined system can provide the necessary information which is used for normal, abnormal operation as well as for accidental and post-accidental operation. The definitions allow that the system can be realized stepwise. It is possible to enlarge the system during its lifetime, so that it can be adapted to changing requirements and to utility specific demands. Special recommendations were made for Novovoronezh NPP, which was proposed as the reference NPP.The specifications can easily be adapted to all other Russian NPPs

Task 2:
Visits at Western companies to promote collaboration in automated monitoring systems. All visited EC-companies are willing to cooperate with Russian manufacturers to produce measuring units of Western quality by Russian partners. The impression of the visits of Russian manufacturers indicated, that the level of the knowledge of the engineers is high. The production facilities of the companies seem suitable for certain equipment of the system.

Task 3:
Evaluation based on multi-European experience of criteria for:

  • The detection of an radiological anomaly;
  • The detection of an radiological accident;
  • The launching of an internal emergency plan;
  • The decision-making process for initiating counter measures.

It turned out a series of similarities of the Russian approach and the French one. However a significant difference exists between the approaches in decision-making process for initiating counter measures. The Russian one bases on measurements in the environment and the French one bases on scenarios established according the state of the installation. The Russian Beneficiary was interested in the French approach and it is recommended a future cooperation in this field.

Furthermore it was realized that for a real time management of a crisis a suitable model for prediction of future spread of contamination should be applied. In Western countries a single diffusion model (e.g. Gaussian Plume Model) is applied in accordance with Western standards and regulations. It was recommended that such a model should be also used in Russia. The Gaussian model is a basic model, additionally other models might be applied for the supervising tasks, e.g. the Pussian model 161 or the Lagrangian model.

Comments and Recommendations

The elaborated documents are the basis for the realization of the automated control system of radiation dose level. It was recommended that the prototype-system should be installed at Novovoronezh NPP, which was proposed as a reference plant. The NPP seems to be suitable because of the neighbourhood of Novovoronezh and Voronezh with approx. one million inhabitants. The surrounding area is accessible for installation and maintenance of the measuring stations of the system. The plant facility itself has enough places for installing the plant related instrumentation as well as the data transmission- and computer-systems.