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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

R4.11/95 Safety Radioactive Waste Mana

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All Countries
Benefitting Zone
€ 432,863.62
EU Contribution
Contracted in 1997
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity

Waste Management



Contracting authority

European Commission

Method of Procurement

(FR2007) Restricted Call for Tender - External Actions


30/05/1997 - 30/05/2001



Project / Budget year

WW9508 Nuclear Safety 1995 / 1995


To improve the overall safety of the management of the radioactive waste and spent fuel in North West Russia, in particular to increase the safety of interim storage of spent fuel and radioactive waste, already accumulated in North-West Region of Russia and still arising.

Planned outputs:
QA programme;
Detailed work plan and time schedule as defined in Task 1;
The report on the safety assessment as defined in Task 2;
The report on the safety restoration options as defined in Task 3;
The report on the storage capacity needed as defined in Task 4;
The optional conceptual designs as defined in Task 5;
The report on the cost assessment as defined in Task 6;
Inception Report, Quarterly progress reports, Final Report.
The projects tasks to be performed were:
Task 1: Detailed organization.
Task 2: Assessment of the safety of existing storage facilities.
Task 3: Evaluation of the possibilities to restore safe storage.
Task 4: Estimation of the storage capacity needed until 2005.
Task 5: Conceptual design for necessary new storage facilities.
Task 6: Assessment of investments involved.
Task 7: Reporting, in particular issue of the Final Report.


After more than two and a half years from the start, without achievement of any planned output, positive indicators have been developed finally in April 2000 and the project got again momentum.
At the fourth Steering Committee meeting (held mid-March 2000) the radioactive waste generators stressed the urgent need for a radioactive waste repository, and in general for new appropriate radioactive waste storage facility(ies), due to the acceleration of decommissioning of nuclear submarines.
Mid-April 2000, Minatom agreed to transfer to the contractor detailed data (reports) prepared by VNIPIET on the interim storage facilities in the North West region of Russia. The data should replace the site visits of contractor’s experts, not yet made possible. By such a replacement, a new project approach is becoming possible, pending, however, contractor’s verification of consistency and completeness of the data.