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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

R1.06/96 Gen On-site assist Beloyarsk NP

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Benefitting Zone
€ 1,175,443.18
EU Contribution
Contracted in 1998
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity

On Site Assistance



Contracting authority

European Commission

Method of Procurement

Direct Agreement & AV DA


20/03/1998 - 20/07/2004





Project / Budget year

WW9608 Nuclear Safety 1996 / 1996


In the framework of the "TACIS Nuclear Safety Programme" it was decided to provide the Beloyarsk NPP, Russian Federation with an on-site assistance (OSA) programme with the main aim of modernisation of the operating fast breeder unit (Unit 3, BN-600) as well as provision of assistance related to the decommissioning of the two shutdown prototype RBMK units (Units 1 and 2, AMB-100 and AMB-200). The program consisted of general operational assistance services (R1.06/96) and a number of separate specific projects (with own project numbers). The general operational assistance services consisted of the following tasks:
Preparation of technical working sessions, progress reporting, follow-up of procurement processes.
Periodical meetings with the plant management for identification, advising and assisting the plant management on the definition of future projects.
Drawing up specifications for defining new projects and for the supply of standard safety equipment.
Provide the NPP staff with an overview of the major aspects of decommissioning of graphite moderated water cooled reactors.
The specific projects related to project R1.06/96 were:
Procurement & commissioning of sodium level indicators (R1.06/95C),
Improvement of the power supply system (R1.06/96A),
Technical assistance during procurement & commissioning of the process monitoring system (R1.06/96B),
Overall coordination & technical assistance for the procurement of training simulator (R1.06/93),
Procurement & Commissioning of automatic fire detection system in cable tunnels (R1.06/97A),
Installation of hydrogen monitoring system (R1.06/97B),
Infrared thermography of high voltage equipment (R1.06/97C),
Procurement of non-destructive testing equipment (R1.06/94A),
Procurement of equipment for the in-situ repair of safety valves (R1.06/94B) and
Procurement of in-service tritium monitoring system (R1.06/95D).


The contract for the general operational assistance was awarded to NERSA (Consortium of EDF, ENEL and SBK) and started on 20th March 1998. Since NERSA ceased to exist the contract was taken over by the consortium EDF/SOGIN in January 1999. The contract ended successfully on the 20th July 2004 with significant input on the general operational assistance.
All above listed specific projects finished successfully with awarding all the involved suppliers with final acceptance certificates. For these projects separate, more in-depth summaries exist.