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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

Projet dissemination - R8.01/97

Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe / North Asia
€ 427,729.93
EU Contribution
Contracted in 1999
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States




Contracting authority

European Commission

Method of Procurement

Direct Agreement & AV DA


19/03/2000 - 19/03/2003



Project / Budget year

WW9715 Nuclear Safety 1997 / 1997


In the framework of the TACIS 1997 programme, the Commission decided to start the process of dissemination of information on TACIS nuclear safety projects. This would later become a continuous process of dissemination of project information as more TACIS projects were implemented in future TACIS programmes.

The objective of this contract was to enhance the benefit of TACIS nuclear safety projects through the dissemination of the project results to a wider audience representing the whole nuclear community of the Beneficiary states of the TACIS nuclear safety programme.

The aim was to identify a number (between 10 and 20) of nuclear safety projects that were already completed, or expected to be completed during the execution of the present contract, and to compile and report their results in a comprehensive manner suitable for wide dissemination in Russian and English language. Executive Summaries, Workshop papers and Press Releases were prepared for each project. The projects were selected from the TACIS 91 – 95 programmes using the following criteria:

  • Safety relevance
  • Ability to apply the results again, e.g. at other NPPs or in other beneficiary countries.
  • Ability to initiate/promote significant improvements in the nuclear industry in the CIS.

A Dissemination Seminar was to be organised in Moscow and experts were to be invited from all the beneficiary countries of the TACIS nuclear safety programme. In this seminar the selected projects would be presented in detail.

In addition, for a much larger number of projects of the TACIS 1991-95 programmes, short (1 – 4 pages) project summaries of each project had to be prepared for dissemination of TACIS project information by means of a dissemination website. The dissemination website also had to be set up in the framework of the present contract.

A CD-ROM had to be produced containing all the documentation produced in the framework of the contract, in English and Russian, including the large number of short project summaries prepared for the dissemination website. This CD-ROM would be handed out to all delegates of the dissemination seminar.


The contract was signed on 19 March 2000 and had a duration of 3 years.

The work was performed in accordance with the above objectives. A total of 15 projects were selected for in-depth dissemination, i.e. the preparation of comprehensive Executive Summaries, Workshop papers and press releases. The list of the 15 projects selected is given in the attached table. The corresponding Executive Summaries for these projects can be found attached to the project descriptions of the respective projects in this dissemination website.

Project summaries were prepared for a total of 350 Russian projects, 172 Ukrainian projects, 14 regional projects and 33 other projects. These were loaded onto the developed website.

The Dissemination Seminar was organised in Moscow on 4 & 5 June 2002 (see attached programme). Approximately 130 delegates participated in the Seminar.

A local Russian subcontractor was contracted to assist with the drafting and translation of documents and the logistical support for the organisation of the Dissemination Seminar.

In addition to the above, a limited amount of IT equipment was purchased and delivered to the Joint Management Unit in Moscow for the purposes of setting up a website for project dissemination.