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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

Moscow Bistro Nuclear Safety Budget 99

  • Closed
TACIS Region
Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
€ 525,807.20
EU Contribution
Contracted in 2000
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States




Contracting authority

EU Delegation Moscow

Method of Procurement

Direct Agreement & AV DA


28/06/2000 - 28/12/2001



Project / Budget year

WW9920 Tacis 1999 Nuclear Safety / 1999


The BISTRO-Programme was considered to complement the TACIS Nuclear Programme by providing a rapid and flexible mechanism for supporting small-scale technical assistance projects.
In the 1999 budget of the TACIS Nuclear Safety programme 1 200 000 EUR were allocated to dedicated Nuclear Safety Bistro projects.


From the allocated budget 1.200.000 EURO for all BISTRO Projects, worth of 574.557,33 EUR were contracted.
In order not to limit the assistance to big projects, a specific BISTRO instrument could be established and dedicated to nuclear safety. This instrument could be very suitable for managing small contracts, as it allows to react rapidly to unplanned requests. It could cover activities such as training sessions, seminars, small and urgent equipment, feasibility studies, etc.
BISTRO : €1.2 million for RUSSIA (only part of the budget was contracted)
Moscow Bistro Nuclear Safety Budget 99 - individual contracts

  • 56535 Impacts of Radioactive Waste Storage at the territory of RRC-’’Kurchatov Institute’’
  • 60003 Probabilistic Economic Risk Assessment for NPP Risk Managment
  • 60354 Technical assistance to Russian universities which train specialists for Ministry for Atomic Energy of the RF
  • 60882 Training of Atomenergoremont specialists in eddy-current signal analysis
  • 61460 Development of the method of analysis of the passive heat removal system with Injector-condenser (PAHRSIC)
  • 61952 Nuclear Material Archive containing nonconventional literature information
  • 65716 Development of experimental programme on the PSB RBMK integral test facility of thermal-hydraulic system codes
  • 66643 Development and Implementation of an International Project Management Data Base
  • 66647 Development of the requirements to the content of a Safety Analysis Report (SAR)
  • 70269 Inventory of radioactive waste arising from the decommissioning of the heavy water research reactor HWR of ITEP

This CRIS entry was a dummy project for regularisation of the budget.