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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

K1.01/02 On-site assistance continuation and bridging for Aktau BN350 Nuclear Power Plant (AP ref.

Benefitting Zone
Central Asia
€ 630,165.00
EU Contribution
Contracted in 2003
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity

On Site Assistance



Contracting authority

European Commission

Method of Procurement

Direct Agreement & AV DA


16/06/2003 - 16/02/2005



Project / Budget year

TACIS 2002 Nuclear Safety Action Programme / 2002


In the framework of the “TACIS Nuclear Safety Programme” it was decided to provide on-site assistance (OSA) for the Aktau BN-350 NPP in Kazakhstan with the aim of improving the overall safety of the NPP. The project K1.01/02 builds up on the achievements of the project K1.01/98. Project K01.01/02 has the following objectives:

  1. To provide “soft” OSA, i.e. to support plant staff on the implementation on foreseen post operation phase procedures.
  2. To provide “hard” OSA (mainly hardware procurement) in order to complete the following on-going projects that were started under the project K1.01/98:
    • Supply of metallurgical testing equipment (R1.07/95G),
    • Upgrading of fire protection installations (R1.07/95J),
    • Spent fuel pool repair (K1.01/96B),
    • Plant radiological characterization and monitoring (K1.01/98B) and
    • Liquid radioactive waste treatment (K1.01/98C) until its cancellation.

The specific activities that were performed within project K1.01/02 were project management & coordination (including procurement activities), on-site team leader activities and “home office” support of experts to specific tasks.


The contract was awarded to a consortium consisting of EDF (France) and SOGIN Spa. (Italy). The project started on 16th June 2003 and ended on 15th February 2005. The soft OSA was limited to technical assistance on the integration of the new equipment falling under the hard component of the project upon request of the contract beneficiaries. Within the nuclear safety component of the TACIS Indicative Program 2004-2006 a large scale project on retrieval and safe conditioning of radioactive waste stored at the Aktau NPP was foreseen. In order to be fully eligible for providing assistance in that project EDF/SOGIN proposed to exclude all activities related to waste management of the soft component of project K1.01.02, which was finally agreed to together with the associated reduction in budget (630 kEuro--- 70 kEuro).

The remaining soft OSA activities and all hard OSA activities of project K1.01/02 were completed successfully with the exception of activities related to K1.01/98C.