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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

Enhancing Emergency Preparedness and Response in ASEAN for radiological and nuclear emergencies through regional cooperation: Technical Support for Decision Making

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South East Asia Region
Benefitting Zone
South East Asia
€ 1,211,361.70
EU Contribution
Contracted in 2017
Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation II




Method of Procurement

(FR2012) (Ext. act) Service - International Restricted Procedure with prior publication (Art. '5.1(a)(i) & 2 RAP)


24/11/2017 - 10/04/2022



Project / Budget year
  • Support measures 2020 for the INSC management / 2020
  • Support measures 2017 for the INSC management / 2017
  • Enhancing emergency preparedness and response in South East Asia for radiological and nuclear emergencies through regional cooperation: technical support for decision making. / 2016


The purpose of this project is to enhance the quality and coherence of decision making within ASEAN countries following a radiological or nuclear emergency. This will be achieved through the installation and use within emergency centres, at national and centralized levels, of ‘state of the art’ tools/software to support decision making.
A diverse range of tools, with varying technical capabilities, are currently being used by Member States in ASEAN. These capabilities will be enhanced by the installation in national emergency centres of ‘state of the art’ tools (to support decision making) that have been developed and used in Europe. The same tools will be installed and customised for use in each ASEAN Member State; this will promote common understanding and contribute to a more coherent response within ASEAN in responding to any future radiological or nuclear emergency that may affect the region.