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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

B3.01/06 - BE/RA/05 Support to Belarus for Upgrading of the System for Radiation Safety and Radiological Emergency Preparedness (Lot 1)

  • Closed
TACIS Region
Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
€ 334,124.00
EU Contribution
Contracted in 2009
Instrument for Nuclear Safety Cooperation


Type of activity

Regulatory Authorities



Contracting authority

Ministry of Emergency Situations (Belarus)

Method of Procurement

(FR2007) (Ext. act) Supply - Local open procedure with prior publication - Art. 243.1 IR


22/07/2009 - 26/07/2010



Project / Budget year

TACIS 2006 Nuclear Safety Action Programme / 2006


The wider objective of project B3.01/06 "Transfer of European Regulatory Methodology and Practices to the Nuclear Safety Authorities of Belarus - Regulatory Assistance and Technical Support in the Field of Radiation Protection and Emergency Preparedness (BE/RA/05)" is to continue the support and strengthening of the national nuclear safety and radiation protection regulatory system in Belarus.

The Project Specifications consist of the following three lots:

  1. Lot 1: Calibration bench for gamma radiation dosimeters: infrastructure to allow verification, calibration, graduation and metrological testing of dosimetric instruments in a collimated beam of gamma radiation with differing intensity in dependence on source term and distance to source. Including radioactive sources for calibration of gamma radiation dosimeters. Radioactive sources (Cs-137) with the total activity up to 2,41∙1013 Bq (651 Ci). (Contract 214-303)
  2. Lot 2: Radiation measurement techniques and devices: radiation measurement devices for qualitative and quantitative detection of alpha-, beta-, gamma- and neutron radiation. Device for identification, localisation and analysis of radia­tion sources. Dosimetric devices for dose assessment. (Contract 214-310)
  3. Lot 3: Container-type decontamination unit: transportable decontamination unit with pre-decontamination in tent structure and final decontamination in different sections, housed in a standard 20 feet container (Contract 132-896).


For Lot 1, this contract, the following equipment was delivered to RIFSE, the Research Institute for Fire Safety and Emergencies of the Ministry for Emergency Situations, in Svetlaya Roscha, Belarus:

  • A Remote controlled irradiator with automatic movement of a selected source to exposure position and back, including an irradiator container with basis, shielding and collimator, timer unit and shutter, source holder, source changer, lifting crane with chain block.
  • A Remote controlled 2-dimensional calibration bench structure for holding various instruments, including a mobile platform, monitors for the setup of dosimeters in the testing room and the observation from the control room and a laser alignment target.
  • Radioactive calibration sources (Cs-137) with the total activity up to 54 TBq.

The equipment was delivered and installed successfully.