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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

A1.01/00 B3 - Neutron Flux SRM System - Medzamor NPP - Armenia

  • Closed
TACIS Region
Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe and Central Asia
€ 1,300,000.00
EU Contribution
Contracted in 2002
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity

Equipment Supply



Contracting authority

Armenian NPP

Method of Procurement

Open call for tender - External Actions - Part II Title IV NFR


23/12/2003 - 23/05/2005


Armenian NPP



Project / Budget year

ZZ0003 Nuclear Safety 2000 / 2000


The project objective was to replace the obsolete neutron flux monitoring system in the source ran ge. This was the safety issue identified in the IAEA issue book. By implementing this project, the plant safety has been substantially improved. The control room operators have a credible and reliable information needed during the reactor start up as well as reactor shut down.


The kick-off meeting was held on-site on Feb 10th, 2004. The Supplier presented a revised project schedule, accepted by the plant, with delivery not earlier than December 2004 (outside 2004 outage timeframe). A new updated project schedule, approved by ANPP, considered installation of equipment during the October 2005 outage, with delivery in April-May 2005.

Factory acceptance tests were successfully performed in April 2005. An Audit related to the S/W validation process was performed by RiskAudit at supplier premises at the end of May 2005. The audit included also PRZ SV COP S/W validation as remaining open issue of the TACIS 96 Programme. The S/W validation process set by the supplier was considered satisfactory, closing then this long licensing issue.

The equipment was delivered to the site on May 31st, 2005; commissioning test procedure was issued at the end of July. Preliminary installation activities for equipment installation (e.g. system cabling) were performed during the last outage, while final cabinet installation and system installation is planned during 2006 outage. The Provisional Acceptance certificate (partial PA for services) was signed the 25th of January 2006.