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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

U1.02/03A - South Ukraine NPP - Improvement of Fire Protection System (ref AP

  • Closed
Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe
€ 386,288.75
EU Contribution
Contracted in 2006
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity

Equipment Supply



Contracting authority


Method of Procurement

Open call for tender - External Actions - Part II Title IV NFR


20/04/2006 - 20/11/2006





Project / Budget year

TACIS 2003 - Nuclear Safety Action Programme / 2003


The scope of this project was to improve the Fire Protection System of the three units of South Ukraine NPP. It consisted in the manufacture, certification, testing, delivery, supervision of installation, training in the use and support to the end user during the licensing process, of goods for fire protection improvement. This project included the provision of documentation as well as spare parts/material for installation during the whole design life (20 years) at South Ukraine nuclear power plant, Ukraine.


The project was focused on the implementation of urgent improvements in order to limit fire hazard at SUNPP.

The original project was divided into three different lots.

  1. Lot 1 was mainly dedicated to cable coating, sealing penetrations and cable ducts coating to be made fire proof to avoid combustion spreading. Within this lot, fire proof partition, fire resistant coatings as well as sealing of cable penetrations were to be installed.
  2. Lot 2 concerned installation and replacement of fire dampers (cancelled)
  3. Lot 3 dealt with the replacement of fire doors resistant rate of 1.5 hours (cancelled)

Lots 2 and 3 have been cancelled because no technically compliant offers were received.
All safety related relevant documents concerning either characteristics of the materials, compatibility with proper QA controls and operational procedures were part of the project.

To ensure a real transfer of technology, an active participation of the plant staff was part of the project implementation.


The tender was finalized in November 2005.
Lot 1 was contracted directly with the company in April 2006.
All the equipment and materials were delivered onto the site by August 2006.

Provisional Acceptance Certificate (PAC) for the equipment/materials delivered and services provided was signed in February 2007.

The improvement of existing fire protection systems has increased the nuclear safety and contributed to minimize the risk caused by fire hazards at the plant by the elimination of the main deficiencies in the existing fire protection system.