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Nuclear Safety Cooperation

R1.03/95E : Kalinin NPP - Electr Penetra

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Benefitting Zone
Eastern Europe / North Asia
€ 899,981.40
EU Contribution
Contracted in 1996
Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States


Type of activity

Equipment Supply



Contracting authority

European Commission

Method of Procurement

Informal Consultation


30/07/1996 - 30/11/1996



Project / Budget year

WW9508 Nuclear Safety 1995 / 1995


Tractebel, the European Commission’s On Site Assistance Consultant at Kalinin NPP, recommended the European Commission to sign a direct agreement with Auxitrol for providing 59 electrical penetrations to Kalinin NPP units 1 & 2.

The project, is limited to exchange 30 low voltage penetrations on Unit 1 (Lot n° 1) and 29 on Unit 2 (Lot n° 2). These are the most urgent penetrations to be exchanged because the moisture caused by a large difference of temperature between the penetration and the air, short-circuits the wire connections and troubles the signals.
Russian rules specify that the electrical connections have to be protected by the “Raychem” system for each wire and by another Raychem protection covering all the wires of the cable. This system constitutes more or less 30% of the total price.


The main objective is to qualify a Russian company (Elox) for the production of electrical penetrations in Russia.
The penetration assemblies shall provide a means for the continuation of the electrical circuits through the containment, while maintaining the pressure integrity of the containment. Consequently, electrical penetrations must be designed in such a way as to maintain barrier integrity under all postulated accident conditions. All the electric circuits are to remain operable and the penetration assemblies are to retain the pressure integrity of the containment building by using a redundant seal.

The installation of the penetrations will be realised by the plant (the plant has experience of that work), but under the supervision of the supplier.


All the above mentioned penetrations were supplied. The Contractor also provided acceptance control, unpacking, control of installation and activities performed by personnel of Kalinin NPP, putting into operation/”field test” and provisional acceptance test, personnel training and instructing for supplies in accordance with the Contract and technical specification for this TACIS project.

All activities were performed in full scope.

Supplies complied totally the requirements of the Contract and the technical specification for the project and could be applied in operation at Unit 1 and 2 of Kalinin NPP.